Solid solutions for bulk powder materials
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Coke, lime and gunite injectors

NEWTEK offers solid, simple, reliable and low maintenance solutions for steel mills.

In the steelmaking process, the correct additive injection is essential to the smooth running of the furnaces. Improved slag foaming which leads to energy savings.

In the injection facilities additives such as metallurgical coke (Graphite), dolomitic lime and Fines recovered from the furnace filter are used.

Our knowledge acquired thanks to the many projects carried out over the past 28 years, guarantees the efficiency and performance, which helps contribute to respect for the environment.

A brief description of the system would be: The product is received in tanker trucks, loaded into the silos with a capacity of up to 250 m3 of storage with content control in percentages or kgs. The material stored in the silo, loads the injector through a fluid extractor. The injector is a pressure tank with a capacity of 200 l. and it is supported on an electronic weighing system for automatic adjustment of the flow to be injected.

The output of the product, can feed one or more ducts ending on the furnace walls through cooled copper panels or with a handling lance.

The installation is completed with a filter for automatic cleaning of the air in the silo, a Pressure / Depression safety valve, continuous monitoring of the sender pressure and anti-wear curves along the route…

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