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Tanks that can store the powdery raw material.

The availability of silo storage, means material is not exposed to dirty areas as with the traditional bags. They take up less space and can be located in any neutral area of the factory.

Reduces the costs of the product as it is purchased in bulk thus avoiding packaging.

The silos have to be suitably designed taking into account the properties of the bulk materials and process requirements.

NEWTEK designs and manufactures silo installation based on the following points:


Material Selection

Given the properties of the material, method and the industry, the following options are on offer:

  • Carbon steel silos with different finishes.
  • Stainless steel silos.
  • Aluminium silos.
  • Plastic silos.

Silo equipment

  • Pneumatic filling of the silo.
  • Ventilation filters.
  • Safety valves.
  • Overfill safety.
  • Inventory control by electronic weighing, continuous level or percentage levels.
  • Fluidizable or vibrating extraction systems.
  • Shut off valves.
  • Telescopic bellows for unloading silo.


  • From 10m3 to ≤ 250 m3.

ATEX zone

  • Construction for ATEX explosive atmosphere environments, with pressure relief systems and explosion-proof vacuum.

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