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When designing an installation for transporting, storing and dispensing solid or liquid products, a rigorous draft project of the installation must be carried out so that the raw material handled behaves in accordance with the needs of the process.

It is important that the mechanical design is associated with a monitoring and control system which is distinguished by its simplicity, flexibility and ease of adaptability to customer requirements.

Our facilities stand out as they come equipped, with the most modern automation systems on the market:

  • Centralized solutions for total integration.
  • Exclusive control system and remote programming via the Internet.
  • Tele-maintenance which from a remote location allows:
    • Monitoring, control and data acquisition systems.
    • Displays and plant information.
    • Management system.
    • Real-time knowledge of process incidents, cycle times, production values, etc.
    • Historical data management for detailed analysis, allowing us to:
      • Improve production efficiency.
      • Improve product reliability.
      • Optimize energy savings.
    • Detect faults:
      • Obtain evidence of abnormal situations that can lead to process fault situations. Find out the causes of an anomalous situation and take appropriate action to keep the process operating.

Programming solution and remote assistance

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